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Popular variants of bed frames

Jan 8th 2018, 8:21 am
Posted by hwaramsden
Bed frames are popular bed accessory and in most of the instances these frames are purchased along with a new bed or with a new bed-mat. There are instances where a frame needs to be purchased alone and in these cases it is important to know the popular variants of frames available in market so that you can pick the best according to the requirement and available options.

Apparently a bed frame is a mere supportive structure attached to the main frame of a bed and it provides support for the bed-mattress. Therefore it is better to know about all the variants of frames for making a sensible purchase.

Popularly these frames are made with three materials like wood, metals, and leather. It is easy to understand that wooden frames go with wooden beds, metal frames will go well with metal made beds and leather bed frame are most suitable item for leather made beds. However things are not as simple as this and there is hardly any strict rule for using frames provided it is matched with the size and style of an existing bed. Irrespective of its material these frames are available with different styles which are suitable for different situations.

One of the most convenient types of frame is adjustable types which can be adjusted according to the size of different beds. These types of frames are typically suitable for kids' bed where there is a demand for change of size. Adjustable frame, in requirement, can be adjusted with different sizes of bed, for example, a twin bed size frame can be expanded into kings size or in queens size or vice versa. Adjustable frames may go with different sizes of beds provided new bed-mats can be used as per the size requirement of a bed. In this aspect an adjustable bed is a multipurpose frame.

Trundle frame is made for temporary bedding arrangement. These types of frames can be folded when not in use and can be expanded for extra accommodation if required. When the frame is kept under folded condition, it takes a height of less than 6 inches which is manageable under an easy storage option with negligible space occupancy.

From the point of popularity, combination frames deserves special mention. While using a combination frame, it is not required to use a separate box spring ; on the other hand these combination frames quite sturdy in their construction and can hold up to 600pounds of weight.

Frames are available with rollers and it is great help for rearrangement of the furniture fitted with small coasters. These wheel based frames allow the shiftment of furniture from one corner of the room to another corner. There is provision for locks for these wheels which is meant for better stability of the furniture.

Traditional bed frames come with little storage option with it. However those who want to enjoy better storage space should purchase extra drawer for enhanced space for extended storage. Platform frames are one of the best options available for storage beds. These frames are often available with built-in-storage facility.

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