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Apr 21st 2017, 1:07 am
Posted by candidathi
Hôm nay em có mặt tại đây để giới thiệu, chia sẻ và giải đáp thắc mắc cho các anh em dev đang hoạt động trên winphoneviet về việc gắn quảng cáo của Amobi.

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BTW, we form of lied slightly bit in our headline. We're actually going to offer you 5 advert networks for all sides of the equation. That means the 5 that we expect is an efficient source of incoming traffic. And then one other 5 that we predict you should utilize to monetization that traffic once it gets to your web site.

The fifth of the Vietnam client market tendencies 2016 is increased well being consciousness and spend. In 2005 shoppers in vietnam mobile ad network ranked well being as a high concern (behind their job and the financial system). It remains the identical in 2015. However in these well being concerns had superficial misguided client reactions, for example consuming cleaning and detoxifying drinks reminiscent of zero Degrees (an interior cooling and purification positioned beverage from THP ) launched in 2006, which in actual fact contained little or no inexperienced group and is mostly sugared water.

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