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mıknatıslı cam silici

Oct 13th 2013, 12:12 pm
Posted by tomstiles049
Glass and reflective surfaces have to be clean regularly to maintain their brightness and cleanliness. Most commercial cleaners available are chemical based. They leave harmful residues on the surfaces as well as an unpleasant ammonia smell. Maybe, homemade cleaner is yet another solution for you. If you do not have time mixing all of the ingredients together, you may pick a natural and organic cleaner from drugstores too with reference to the next recommendations.

Seventh Generation is a committed to offer natural cleaning and laundry products. It offers a glass cleaner, Free and Clear Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner for windows and glass surfaces. Because the cleaning agents are made of natural plant extracts, there aren't any harmful chemicals for bodies. In addition, it is a genuine natural and organic product as it is fragrance free.

mıknatıslı cam sileceği

Unlike Seventh Generation, Clorox is a famous brand for chemical cleaning products. Because of the increasing concern of human health on chemicals, it launches its Green Works line. Naturally Derived Glass Cleaner is among the products under the Green Works line. It is suitable for cleaning glass and mirrors. Though not 100 percent natural, 95 percent of the ingredients are natural extracts and they include lemon essential oils and corn based ethanol. The product has a light scent.

mıknatıslı cam sileceği

Another brand that provides safe glass cleaners is Simple Green. The Naturals Glass and Surface Care cleans glass and reflective surfaces effective leaving no streaks. This product is made from 100 % natural and organic ingredients. Main ingredients consist of plant based surfactants, corn and coconut derived sequestrants. Most surprising feature of this product comes from its packing materials, of which more than 25 % are made from post consumer content, recyclable PET plastic and soy based ink.

The other safe glass cleaner to become introduced is from Simply Safe. Simple Safe Glass Cleaner is free from harmful vapors, solvents or ammonia. It is specially formulated to wash windows, mirrors, fish tanks and cooktops. The non-solvent, but water based nature of this cleaner causes it to be a bit more difficult to dry as water is easily evaporated like solvent. Therefore, your effort of wiping is needed. Rain and Lemon scents are available.

Finally, for those who have babies at home, The Sparkle Maker from BabyGanics is definitely your best choice. The product is specially designed for the safety of babies. The non-toxic and fragrance free glass and surface cleaner is safe for baby eating, playing and touching. If you wish to have a light fragrance, you might pick the lavender scent one instead of the fragrance free one.

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