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To clean To wash Clip In Hair Extensions

Jan 15th 2018, 5:09 am
Posted by jeannine90
We also want to make use of hair Clip in hair very long time therefore we have to take care the hair careful and remain it clean when you utilize it. So I might like to indicate you ways to scrub the clip-in hair. This guide only uses shampoo and conditioner on extensions made from real human hair.

- Remove hair Clip in hair extensions from your head.
- Use a wide-tooth comb to remove all knots and tangles from extensions.
- With lukewarm water, gradually wet hair, combing as you moisten the hair to keep it from becoming tangled.
- Using a sulfate-free shampoo, wash the Clip-in hair extensions from the highest down.
- Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, moving from the top down.
- Apply a lightweight conditioner, using more toward the ends of the hair and fewer toward the highest.
- Wrap the clip in hair in a towel and gently press out the excess water.
- Comb through the Clip in hair extensions with a wide-tooth comb. Air dry.

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