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Jan 14th 2018, 11:55 am
Posted by rebekahfin
Historic Facts Relating to Ghana
Before attending to the enjoyable and cool details about Ghana, let's first get to know this nation by its historical past and tradition. Listed below are some fascinating cultural and historic Ghana facts for teenagers as well as adults to study from.- Before the institution of European colonies, Ghana was divided among a number of Akan tongued kingdoms such as the Asante Empire, the Akwamu state and non-Akan ethnic teams like Ga and Ewe.
The phrase Ghana translates as Warrior King. The republic of Ghana is so named owing to the truth that it was ruled by so many valiant rulers and warrior tribes earlier than colonization.
The primary European colonists to touch the shores of Ghana were the Portuguese who solid their anchor upon the sands of Ghana in 1471. They constructed their first permanent settlement upon Ghana's coast, a fortress named Elmina Castle, in 1482.
Shut on the heels of the Portuguese arrived the Danes, in 1650, lured by legends of ivory and gold that had been believed to be in abundance upon this newly explored land. Much to their delight, the legends proved to be true.
Nevertheless, the arrival of the Danes brought along approximately two centuries of misfortune in the form of slavery and slave trade. From 1661 until the mid 1800s (i.e., until Denmark's official declaration of abolition of slavery in all its colonies), the native folks of Ghana suffered a lot of hardships and atrocities in the palms of overseas slave owners and slave traders.
From 1863 till 1957, Ghana remained a British colony and was recognized by the name of Gold Coast.
It gained full independence on March 6, 1957 and was the primary sub-Saharan nation to take action within the African historical past colonization. The title Ghana was chosen to symbolize the start of a brand new, impartial republic nation alongside the Western coast of Africa.
The primary elected president of the unbiased Republic of Ghana was Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and he was elected and assumed his office in the year 1960.
Dr. Nkrumah's rule was abruptly ended by a non-violent navy coup, orchestrated by British educated troopers, in 1966 whereas he was away on an official go to to Beijing.
The navy government, formed because of this coup, was headed by the National Liberation Council.
Civilian governance was restored in Ghana in 1969 when Dr. Kofi Busia was elected as the head of the state.
A second coup came about in 1972 adopted by countrywide strikes by college students in 1974 and a near-collapse of the economic system in 1975.
Acheampong rose to power in 1975 and formed the Supreme Military Council as a means of imposing near-dictatorship over the Republic of Ghana.
Common William Akuffo took over the Supreme Army Council in 1978 and made efforts in the direction of establishing, yet once more, a civilian authorities.
A third coup try by Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings passed off in 1979 and the third republic prevailed until 1992.
In 1992, Rawlings was officially elected because the president of Ghana and continued his workplace till December 2000. In 2001, John A. Kufuor took over as president and continued his workplace till 2009. Thereupon, John Atta Mills took over. He continues as the president of Ghana until date.

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