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'Kolchak: The Evening Stalker' - The DNA Of Horror Reveals

Jan 14th 2018, 7:55 am
Posted by coyhle3444
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Originally the brainchild of an unpublished novel by Jeff Rice (and later worked as a television script with I am Legend’s Richard Matheson), independent newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak chased down all matter of hellish creatures from vampires to zombies to werewolves to demons. Kolchak’s near maniacal obsession to discovering the truth behind unusual deaths had made him the first line of defense in opposition to all things that go bump within the evening.

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An Unlikely and Unlikable Hero
He was iconic.
In his search for the truth, Kolchak made enemies of practically everybody except his editor Tony Vincenzo - whom he aggravated greater than most people. It was practically a working gag that typical reaction to anyone seeing Kolchak would run, have him removed from a room, or assault him immediately.

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