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Roman Polanski And The Celebration Of Rape And Violence

Jan 13th 2018, 11:59 pm
Posted by lucindacoo
Athena cursed medusa that her face would flip men into stone. She was also warned not to look at her reflection in water or in a mirror or else she would flip into rock. Medusa was sent to stay with the blind monsters, the gorgon sisters who lived at the top of the earth so that harmless people wouldn't by chance flip into stone by taking a look at her.

The sentiment of loving one another and honoring NYC began off early as mentioned when openers Semi Precious Weapons took - examine that - owned the stage. Performing in excessive heels and more makeup than most men could get away with, frontman Justin Tranter also commanded the crowd to love him, love themselves, and love NYC.

Listed below are the lowlights. From right here.
On eleven March 1977, Polanski was arrested for the sexual assault of a thirteen-year-outdated, Samantha Geimer, that occurred the day earlier than at the Hollywood residence of actor Jack Nicholson. The lady testified that Polanski gave her both champagne and Quaalude, a sedative drug, and regardless of repeated protests and being requested to stop, he carried out oral sex, intercourse and sodomy upon her.

As she carried out hits like "Just Dance," "Poker Face," and "Alejandro" flawlessly, Gaga commanded the gang to love her (straightforward process) by paying homage to her city and thanking all of her "little monsters" repeatedly. Any artist at any venue in any metropolis can tell the gang to observe their dreams and to not take any shit from anybody, but it always looks like a cheap pop. Not right here. She spoke of taking part in shady bars in NYC, and the way she at all times imagined herself on the MSG stage whereas watching icons like Madonna and Kiss play there. Gaga's words were all heartfelt and significant, and complimented the fervour and power she delivered to your complete Monster Ball production from start to finish.

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Ernie: As morbid as that query is I will reply it. As a lot as I like this individual for the caliber of work they’ve completed. Currently it looks as if he has let his own awesomeness get to his head. I feel you all know who I’m talking about. I could get lots of hate mail for this but I might choose George Lucas. I mean I really like his work but currently I find myself defending him for a few of his more moderen stuff. He brought us a few of essentially the most memorable films that may always be with me however once i consider him immediately I have one phrase. Meh.

Okay this is going to be fairly hard. See I can see myself being an enormous nerd to regular individuals. I imply after they see me wearing a shirt that claims "Sweep the Leg" I can see regular folks saying "Wow that’s nerdy" but right here at G4 I think I’m a beginner nerd. I may be an enormous comedian nerd however most G4rians are comedian nerds, videogame nerds, Star Wars nerds, Star Trek nerds, Battlestar Galactica nerds and properly I may go on. So from one to ten, One being a newbie nerd and ten being the Uber nerd, would price I feel right at 4. As a result of I have the following achievements: Comedian Nerd, Videogame Nerd, Star Wars Nerd and I’m starting to develop into a little bit of a film Nerd.

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