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Star Wars Episode 7: PLOT SPOILERS - Luke Skywalker FAILED Jedi Master!?

Jan 13th 2018, 8:48 pm
Posted by marissaalb
Where Issues Go Awry
So Luke trains Han and Leia's son, who I consider is Adam Driver's character, for twenty years or so. It all sounds effective and dandy right? Wrong! What if Adam Driver's character (Han and Leia's son) discovers the truth about his grandfather Anakin being an evil Sith Lord? What if he's tempted by somebody, I don't say Gwendoline Christie's character, that his entire life is a lie and he is destined for evil? So Adam Driver's character finds out his grandpa was a Sith Lord, Luke by no means informed him about it, and joins the darkish aspect after being tempted by Gwendoline Christie's character. This could all be defined by a flashback scene that might occur within the film (which there was much hypothesis over). Because of Luke by no means telling Driver's character about Anakin, this could trigger Driver to go on a revenge fueled marketing campaign to hunt down and destroy Luke and any hope of a surviving Jedi Order.

Arguably essentially the most successful and definitely probably the most influential of those early studios was the the John Bray Studio. Bray created the first successful cartoon sequence, Col. Heeza Liar, in 1914. Future studio heads Max Fleischer and Walter Lantz honed their expertise right here. However the studio's most vital contribution to the medium was the introduction of cels. The process of inking the animator's drawings onto clear pieces of celluloid after which photographing them in succession on a single painted background was invented by Bray worker Earl Hurd in late 1914. In the first of what was to be many such incidents, the studio swallowed all of the credit and many of the income for it is underling's contribution to the art type. Here's more info about Marvel Comics Logo take a look at our own web-site. Hurd lent his patent to boss John Bray, who charged royalties for other studios to make use of the process....an understandable enterprise apply. Yet from an artistic standpoint this was as if Picasso had demanded unique rights to Cubism. It was a comparatively moot level, nevertheless; the patent expired in 1932 and was not renewed. The one actual loser, it appears, was Earl Hurd.

Someplace between Episodes 6 and 7, Luke tries to rebuild the Jedi Order. He takes on Han and Leia's son, performed by Adam Driver, as his personal apprentice. Driver's character falls to the darkish side and Luke, wrecked with depression over this, retreats into exile.

The Warners artists used their inventive freedom to take the medium in new instructions. Directors Tex Avery and Bob Clampett broke from the Disney tradition that the opposite studios had begun to mimic and imbibed their movies with highly exaggerated slapstick comedy. In Avery's "Porky's Duck Hunt" (the primary appearance of Daffy Duck, 1937) and Clampett's "Porky in Wackyland" (1938), the characters seem at first to be of the naturalist Disney school, however are always distorted beyond all rationality, defying every law of physics for comedic effect. The opposite Warners artists immediately picked up on the model, and ultimately each other studio, even Disney, adopted the strategy. Slapstick finally proved to be the theatrical style animation was finest fitted to.

Disney Studio's artistic achievements derived from a form of symbiotic relationship between Walt and his employees. Like different studio heads, Walt received all the public consideration and reward for the studio's work, but not like a lot of his fellow producers he was a minimum of partly responsible for the studio's accomplishments. He was actually a cinematic visionary, and could be justly credited for introducing the latest innovations in sound and coloration.

My Concept
I consider Luke is in exile and one thing very tragic occurred to him to trigger this. What exactly? Properly, I am about to let you know. Episode 7 takes place 30 years after Episode 6. That is plenty of time for our beloved heroes to do some things.

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