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Yoga Mala Beads & Meditation Baxter Arts Centre

Jan 12th 2018, 1:05 pm
Posted by jaclynikw8
Mala Beads aren't just beautiful pieces of jewelry — they are also important mediums for peace and enlightenment. The beads from Mala Collective are suitable for both. You can make a special prayer with the Guru bead and then begin again, either switching the hands, turning the mala or just continuing along. Each bead content counts one repetition of the mantra When you get around to the guru bead, you don't count it, and you don't pass it; you stop there, mentally bow to the guru, flip the mala around, and start going back the other way.

If you are buying a gemstone mala make sure the beads are of an A or B or C grade. Om charms are representative of a common mantra used in meditation and prayer, and are said to bring luck, harmony and peace to the wearer. Yogi Bhajan carried a mala with him all of the time and seemed to always be reciting his meditations as he taught, met with people, and did all the daily tasks in his life.

The guru bead, will hang perpendicular to the counting beads at the middle bottom of the Mala Necklace. Your thumb should allow you to easily move through each bead that is held by one of your fingers. A full-length mala also may contain spacer beads or counter beads, which divide the mala into 4 sections of 27 beads each.

Hold the first bead between your left index finger and thumb. Mala Beads are strands of gemstone beads that help assist you through a meditative mantra. Traditionally, out of respect, the practitioner never crosses over this bead, but instead reverses direction after moving through the 108 beads.

Originally Buddhists and Hindus used Mala Beads to practice Japa meditation, Japa meaning "to recite". We recommend using the 108 bead malas to start a practice. Clarify the intention of your practice and choose your mantra or affirmation. Each bead is separated by hand knots, making it easier to use during meditation as it allows you to chant your mantra without losing count.

Tiny Devotions' traditional and healing mala beads are carefully crafted by local artisans, using only authentic and ethically sourced sacred materials. With your left hand supporting the bulk of the mala, you'll actually use your right hand to rotate the beads.

As you focus on your mala and goal throughout the class, you practice the actions needed in order to achieve your intention in your daily life. If mantras and chanting are not your thing, you can use a mala to count the breath or phrases of metta or compassion.

A Hindu mala typically has either 108 beads (108 being considered a sacred number in Hinduism) or 27 beads (which is one-fourth of 108). To my knowledge, mala beads are a meditation tool. A 'bhum' counter, often a small brass or silver clasp in the shape of a jewel or wheel, is used to count 1000 repetitions, and is moved forward between the main beads of the mala, starting at the Guru bead, with each accumulation of 1000.

A mala acts as an anchor or physical reminder of our commitment or practice and is known to physiologically trigger you into a deeper mind state the more you practice meditation while wearing it. By placing different fingers underneath the beads you can stimulate meridian points that affect different parts of the brain.

We will discuss the different ways to use mala beads as well as how to incorporate mantras into your meditation practice. Start by mediating Hang a mala bead between the your middle finger and index finger of your right hand. Every stone has a different energy and significance for the individual wearing it. A strand of mala beads can have a variety of stones mixed so as to create a mix and blend of energies that coincide with your intentions when it comes to meditation.

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