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HUFFPOST HILL - Massive Brother Bodyshamed By Congress, Will Slim Down

Jan 11th 2018, 11:56 pm
Posted by abbiewiede
GOP'S 'Establishment' Choice Is likely to be OVER - Powerful luck for Senator Mumsy von Hedgefundwitz [R - Sea Island (Winter) - East Hampton (Summer season)]. Stu Rothenberg: "The Republican Occasion continues to alter. Rank-and-file GOP voters are angrier and more pissed off after eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, and they're wanting for brand spanking new voices that reflect their frustration and want to roll back the Obama years. Whereas 'blue' states corresponding to New York and Connecticut still matter in the GOP nomination process, the decline of the party’s power within the Northeast has value those states delegates at Republican conventions. For instance, New York sent 154 delegates to the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas Metropolis, while the state had solely 95 delegates at the 2012 convention in Tampa. That growth has strengthened the voices of Republicans within the South and conservatives nationally." [Roll Name]

I would extremely recommend attending Monster Jam or an analogous occasion to anyone concerned about discovering new and strangely fascinating cultures. The people, the loud t-shirts, the heavy metallic soundtracks, the exaggerated voice of the announcer, and naturally the beer make for a uniquely enjoyable outing. TAKE A Digicam.

Always open to new and probably humorous opportunities, I not too long ago accepted an invitation from Amoeba Corp. New Media Designer Neil Collyer to attend "Monster Jam" on the Sky Dome. Having simply completed a grueling week-long "cleansing diet", I was excited by the prospect of consuming hot canines, french fries and draft beer whereas surrounded by legions of Mullets. For those unfamiliar with the Mullet, please refer to www.mulletsgalore.com. We managed to determine a uncommon "mo-mullet" (a hybrid mohawk/mullet) however have been much too shaken to snap a photograph. If you loved this article and you simply would like to be given more info concerning Cartoon T-shirts news nicely visit the website. I discovered a whole new respect for photojournalists who handle to carry out their duties in the face of generally horrific surroundings.

SENATE PASSES HILARIOUSLY-NAMED USA FREEDOM ACT, REFORMING NSA SURVEILLANCE - Definitely the winner of this year's "Clear Skies Act Award For Ballsiness In Legislative Naming." HuffPost: "After allowing parts of the Patriot Act to expire early Monday morning, lawmakers voted on Tuesday to reinstate the Nationwide Security Agency's sweeping information assortment packages, although with modest reforms to the company's programs and the key court docket charged with protecting it in examine. In a 67-32 vote -- called earlier than expected -- the higher chamber agreed to go the USA Freedom Act, successfully ending the two-day lapse within the NSA's programs. The act re-establishes modified versions of the expired Patriot Act provisions. Attempts to amend the USA Freedom Act fell short within the Senate, where the debate over the laws has led to weeks of political turmoil. Senate Majority Chief Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr (R-N.C.) put forth a handful of amendments that will have weakened the reforms to the Patriot Act provisions. Nevertheless, those measures failed to cross, largely due to concern that the House, which handed an unamended invoice earlier this month by a vote of 338-88, would refuse to approve an amended act." [HuffPost]

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