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Marvel Star Wars Presents Han Solo #1

Jan 11th 2018, 12:51 pm
Posted by lydiasloan
You possibly can view the photograph and the caption under.
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Han’s story kicks off as he enters the Falcon into the Dragon Void Run (an infamous high-stakes race across the stars). Apparently, this is the race Han has always dreamt of winning…only there’s a catch.

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Marvel Star Wars has formally introduced the unveiling of Han Solo #1, because the scruffiest nerf herder within the galaxy finally will get his personal title and series run. Here’s the official press release from Marvel:

NDAs and test deals are still being worked out, however producer Kathleen Kennedy and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will start testing the brand new group with a call anticipated in the next couple of weeks.

Avengers: Infinity Battle has already wrapped principal pictures, which came about in Atlanta. That is when Atlanta Filming caught the below picture, which is, nicely, relatively confusing. The photo features Iron Man kneeling on the bottom as Wong is doing some form of incantation beside him. The most interesting part though is Mark Ruffalo, who may be seen with a shocked expression on his face.

The one different factor I'd change with the GotG version can be to attempt some form of constant shadow over his eyes. Which will not work so nice with reside motion, though; nonetheless, a variety of the issue appears to be with the eyes, and that's as a result of he always simply has shaded eyes like linked within the com

"Marvel is pleased to current your new look inside HAN SOLO #1 - the extremely anticipated Star Wars™ limited series coming to a galaxy far, far away and your local comic retailers this June! A-checklist creators Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks hop in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon to bring you a swashbuckling tale of high journey in deep space!"

Last minor factor I just thought of, I'm wondering if they might get transferring Thanos's mouth back down some to work. His mouth, since it's Brolin's face, is much closer to his nose in GotG than Avengers, which provides him an obnoxiously giant chin. Moving the mouth seems like it could fix among the uncanny valley as a result of it might make Thanos look less human. Granted, Eternals (Thanos's species) do usually look human as a result of they are an offshoot of humanity modified millenia in the past by Celestials; I do not fully believe this human background will likely be maintained in the MCU although, and Thanos being purple and very non-human wanting (which is because of a uncommon genetic illness, and makes him an outcast among the many usually human looking Eternals, which truly directly leads into his insanity/obsession with Demise) however having perfectly human facial features I believe is a huge contributing issue to the whole uncanny valley thing which GotG hit but Avengers did

"So mainly, Kevin [Feige] pulled me apart before this, and said, 'When you have been gonna do a... if we have been going to do a standalone Hulk film, what would it be?' And i said, 'I feel it ought to be this, this, this, and this and this, and finally ends up like this.' And he's like, 'I really like that. Why don't we do that in the following three movies, beginning with Thor 3 after which we go into Avengers three and 4.

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