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Is control over anxiety and panic without medication possible?

Jan 11th 2018, 12:46 pm
Posted by thomas51o7
Some people would prefer to go through life without medication. They mainly see the negative side of medicines, such as possible side effects and drug dependency. However, a medicine can greatly relieve a person's physical or psychological symptoms or make them disappear. Even though it is temporary for another treatment (in the acute moment). This also applies in many cases to people with anxiety and panic symptoms.
In this article you will find more information about anxiety, an explanation about the treatment process that is usually followed and how you yourself can keep anxiety and panic under control.
Effects of anxiety
Almost everyone experiences feelings of anxiety or panic from time to time. Sometimes you even have an anxiety disorder. You worry about certainty that can fall away, your family, your job and your health. Such feelings of anxiety are often justified and ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.
Fear has a function in that sense. For example, it protects us by withdrawing or adjusting our behavior in dangerous situations. In that sense, fear, just like happiness and anger, is a basic emotion with a function. When anxiety arises or persists without any reason - even when there is no question of a 'threat' - wrong behavior, thought patterns and physical symptoms can develop.
Negative spiral
The result of fear is that you often end up in a negative spiral. You do not dare to go out and you avoid social contact. Some things that we are afraid of, however, give a fun feeling and strength afterwards. Like the fear you feel for holding a presentation, and afterwards the pride that you feel because you did it anyway. When activities give you more benefit than disadvantage, you will continue to do so and after a period of time the fear will decrease.
Mental and physical consequences
On a mental level, fear can lead to energy loss, closure of the environment, confusion, inability to think clearly and sleep problems. Physical symptoms include increased heart rate, tremors, weakness, hives and problems with breathing.
Treatments for anxiety and panic symptoms
Since anxiety can be functional, it is only treated when someone is bothered by it so much, that it speaks of a disorder. The best thing to do is start using natural supllements for anxiety supplements for anxiety.

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