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Intensity Maps Can Boost Up Your Business Profitability

Feb 17th 2017, 9:05 am
Posted by marieherz
Nowadays, businesses have access to an incredible range of information is getting important than ever before that. No matter trying to, investigate shipping and logistics channels, determine supply and demand, determining where business expansion would reap the most benefits or something else, today's business managers, owners and CEOs need access to a wide range of information. In addition, that information needs to be in an interactive form that translates to immediate understanding. Intensity maps is the utility.

boris mizhenWhat Are Intensity Maps?

Intensity maps are interactive constructs that utilize your data, but provide a visual reference rather than outputting raw data only. This ensures that the information contained within a report or spreadsheet is immediately recognizable and usable. For example, you were giving a report on sales growth within specific regions of the US for your company.

You might use a spreadsheet or chart to denote the various channels of decline or growth traditionally. Yet, this would be a problem. Columns and rows tend to bewilder the eye, and even the most astute observer will struggle to understand the data you're highlighting (and some may even focus on your presentation). However, by compiling your data using intensity maps, you can create an interactive map that highlights vital sales information across the United States, within specific states only, or boris mizhen (click for source) even down to the local level.

How Do Intensity Maps Work?

You might not hear about Intensity maps before, but they've been around for a very long time. You've seen an intensity map if you have ever seen a map of the United States showing average temperatures. By compiling temperature data for the United States, the news station is able to create a dynamic map that provides access to a tremendous amount of information within a graphic representation, making it easier for you to understand what they are showing you. By engendering better understanding within meetings and presentations, you can use intensity maps within your business to foster better profitability. Sure that intensity maps don't have to be used solely for a live audience. You can create interactive maps utilizing your specific datasets and allow others to access them via your business' computer network, which can help ensure that everyone has access to the information needed to make sound business decisions. Finally, you can create interactive, dynamic maps out of your own data, whether what data might be, and highlight it geographically, spatially or in any other format that you choose using intensity maps..

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